What is Soul Retrieval ?

What is Soul Retrieval and why does it matter to you?...Straight from the words of the legendary Deepak Chopra 


"The soul is your core consciousness. It is the ground of your being. It has two components. One is called Jiva, which is the personalized soul that recycles through time on a cosmic journey. It is Karma, memory and desire. The conditioned soul is part of an unconditioned soul called Atman, which is part of the universal soul - Brahman. The purpose of the conditioned soul is to create the evolutionary journey to unity consciousness. We do this through being, love, creative expressions and through service. The soul is also the confluence of meaning, context, relationship and archetypal stories. The soul is the source of all our lives. It projects as the mind, the body and the universe of our experiences"


The experiences (Karma) that occur in this and many lifetimes with your  Conditioned Soul are part of our lessons to be able to understand and heal on the deepest level to come into that unity consciousness. What happens sometimes when this physical/emotional body perceives pain and the suffering the Soul will step out/leave/retreat as a kind of coping mechanism. This is what we would call a fragment. Or the term often used is fragmented Soul. All it’s saying is, theres something you have perceived or experienced that is traumatic and a little piece of your Soul is still there, at the scene of the crime so to speak. 


What things can create a fragmented Soul?


Any Trauma, be it physical, emotional or energetic. If someone had a car accident, a part of the Soul will potentially fragment off due to trauma. It’s a little bit of the Souls way of saying. ‘If we stay fully in this moment it would be too overwhelming’ or perhaps if you have a situation where you have disassociated with yourself and think that in a certain situation you are un worthy or a bad person. You may leave an element of your Soul in that space. Abuse is another element where it’s not necessarily safe for the Soul to be there completely so again we leave another part of our Soul in that space. 

As you can imagine the list could get quite long once we have a stronger understanding of how it works. 


And why is any of this a problem? 


Do you ever have that feeling of something missing? That there’s perhaps an emptiness within that you can’t explain. Or perhaps you suffer different emotional and mental states such as anxiety or depression. Or even physical issues and dis-ease. All of these things will occur when we are seperate from self, or the Soul is fragmented. The other side to this is that we project what we experience from past ideas into our future. If the past ideas we have are seperate from self and in survival, then what do you think we might be creating for ourselves moving forward. So the easiest way to feel whole again is to reconnect with yourself/your Soul and bring together all the parts of you so you can become whole again. You may have heard of it as Coming home to yourself or Soul retrieval. From this space we a re less likely to re create Karmic events for ourselves and live a more pro active and productive healthy life.

So how does it work?

Shamans have been using Soul retrieval for centuries to heal people on mental, emotional and physical levels. By seeing images of the human in this or any lifetimes they can bring the person into the awareness of that time and place and then invite the Soul back into the current body by using music, song, crystals and medicines. 

In a Soul retrieval session I would connect to your fragmented Soul via Bio Feedback to access the time and place we need to go to, and then use certain energetic, crystal and neurological  techniques to invite the fragmented Soul back into the current physical body. 



Then what happens? 

Clients often report back feeling an overwhelming sense of calm and grounded energy. They feel at peace being reconnected back to parts of themselves. And more whole. 


Heres what some people have to say….

What people say...


"After my Soul retrieval session with Beanie I felt really calm. I was in a bit of a daze for the rest of the afternoon

feeling relaxed and sleepy. I feel like a big chunk of my anxiety which I've had for a lifetime had been lifted" 


"I couldn't believe how much overwhelming compassion I felt for myself after my Soul Retrieval session with Beanie. It was so powerful. Afterwards I felt so whole and aligned"


I wasn't sure how the Soul Retrieval would work over a skype  session but I can't believe how effective it is. i feel so much lighter and clearer.  You are Amazing... .Thankyou

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