What is energy healing?

Energy Healing has been used as a healing tool for centuries. From Shamans to Chinese medicine, Reiki and Pranic healing, we have utilised the bodies energy systems as well as the universal energy to heal, clear and expand. The body has energy systems both within it and around it.

Let's start with...


Meridians are energy lines that travel up and down your body. Each meridian is connected to an organ, muscles and specific emotion. If the flow of the energy in one of these meridians becomes disrupted for too long it will start to manifest as a physical problem. Because meridians are connected to pretty much everything, it makes it easy to understand why it's important to keep them in balance.

In an energy healing session we would go through each meridian and make sure they are perfectly in flow


Chakras and spinning energy wheels that travel up the midline of the body. There are also a lot more outside of the body. But we'll stick to the main body ones for now. As with meridians the 7 Chakras also have associations with organs and emotions. It is said that when we experience certain events such as trauma or shock the experience can be stored in you Chakra system. When the chakras are in balance you will feel very peaceful,  grounded and in flow. When the Chakras become out of balance you may struggle to see the wood for the trees on certain situations. For instance, if you are having money issues the Base and Sacral chakras would be good ones to look into. If you have issues with self worth or standing in your power. You would probably want to look at the Solar Plexus

In an energy healing session we would go through each Chakra and make sure they are all functioning like a well oiled machine

Auric Fields

An Aura is a measurable electromagnetic field that surrounds every object in the universe; this includes; Humans, animals, organisms, rocks, plants... everything has an Aura.

The human aura is usually described as having 7 layers. These 7 layers each relate to the 7 Chakras. 

I think of these fields somewhat like the x files of your being as they can store imprints of disease, vibrations and trauma that if left unbalanced , will eventually manifest in the physical body as dis-ease. 

This makes it imperative to make sure these layers are clear and whole

In an energy healing session we would go through each Layer of you Auric field and make sure there are no tears or holes 

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